Sacred Women Circle 2 Recap

On Saturday, March 23rd Blogging Blk Girl attended Sacred Woman Circle 2, the second installment of an event series, hosted and led by wellness educator and journalist, Sarahn Says.

Inspired by last year’s inaugural event, the evening brought together over three dozen women of color from all across the generational plane to share traditions, trials and triumphs that allowed space for learning, growth and reflection in the “Womanness” that unites us. Blogging Blk Girl was particularly proud of the efforts to reach out to the entrepreneurial women of color in Philadelphia, which made up a good portion of guests attending.

Upon my arrival I was greeted at the door and met with a welcoming presence from the events support staff, guests and the overall restaurant atmosphere. Before beginning the program attendees had an opportunity to settle in, enjoy iced tea sweetened with Agave Nectar, and mingle.

The formal program began with a reflective deep breathing and stretching exercise led by Sarahn that acknowledged past experiences, was hopeful of future endeavors but most importantly was grounded in the present moment.

Following the breathing exercise, Sarahn shed light on the inspiration of the event being rooted in the writings of renowned herbalist, natural health expert, and dedicated healer of women’s bodies and souls, Queen Afua -whose classic bestseller, Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity, forever changed the way African Americans practiced holistic health.

In 2012 Queen Afua presented her second written work, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit, a guide to accept your mission and mantle as a Sacred Women – to heal oneself, the generations of women within your families, communities, and world.

The overarching event theme focused on the idea of surviving versus thriving in relation to sacred words, foods, space, healing, and relationships. Attendees were tasked with reflecting on their habits, what they wanted to learn, and goals of how they wanted to grow in those five areas. Below you can read the various examples of what surviving versus thriving looks like in our day to day lives.

After identifying habits, what we wanted to learn, and goals of how we wanted to grow in the five sacred areas we were asked to reexamine what we identified and create SMART goals that would actualize our aspirations. After going through the sections we reviewed what we had written and crafted our final goal statement based on what the SMART prompts had revealed to us.

My final SMART goal:

By this time next week I will have communicated with the Master’s Program options that I have had an opportunity to move forward in the application process with. When obstacles arise I will think about the outcome and reflect on what I’ll be able to accomplish with the degree and how I’ll feel knowing I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

After having committed the time to go through the prompts I felt a sense of digestible accountability throughout this past week which helped me follow through and meet my goal! Sis has interviews and presentations this week!

Following the goal setting portion we had an opportunity to give and receive affirmation as a pair. This affirmation didn’t consist of words but rather pure and uninterrupted listening and eye contact. While my partner, Cheryl, shared her goals and aspirations with me I found the inability to affirm her with words or even a groan of agreement difficult. I am accustomed to sharing an encouraging word and being vocally attentive – but in this moment silence was golden. After my partner spoke uninterrupted [with the occasional slipped groan of agreement] I had a chance to share my SMART goal. During this exchange I found myself feeling silly telling a woman I knew nothing about and who knew nothing about me my next major step in life.

Two minutes went by and Sarahn called time. Just when I thought I was in the clear and would be able to take a seat and return to my chair to reflect on what just happened – we were told we would do the same affirmation exercise two more times – with two new partners. No lie my initial mood:

After it was all said and done and I had given and received affirmation two more times I knew that every woman in that room felt more confident about what they wanted to see change in their lives. It almost felt like we were given an opportunity to speak that reality we previously wrote down into the universe and into exsistence.

After staring into the depths of another’s soul I felt more aware of every woman around me and the unique energy they each brought to the space. Sarahn ended the program with am invigorating circle of prayer that connected me with a feeling that is best described as divine.

At the conclusion of the formal program attendees were able to enjoy a delicious vegan meal prepared by the restaurant, participate in a raffle, followed by an opportunity for Black women owned brands and businesses to promote themselves. Businesses promoted consisted of vegan chefs, beauty consultants, marriage, family, and adolescent counseling, handcrafted vegan soaps, spiritual bath creators, and so much more.

Special shoutout to Sarahn for nurturing a space of pure love and connectedness. You continue to be a source of light in my life and I am honored to share space with you. Thank you to all of those who came out, meditated, and discussed the obstacles of our individual and collective success. Together we highlighted the power and purpose of our calling as sacred beings.

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