Why Ari Lennox’s “Shea Butter Baby” is a Vibe

Last night in an effort to procrastinate and distract myself from getting some work done, I was scrolling through TV until I found something of relative interest to me – I settled on MTV music videos. I hadn’t watched music video’s in a long time, in part, due to my lack of cable service for the last two years while I was living with my partner – so now that I was in my own brand-new apartment with access to a whooping 75 cable channels I thought it was a good time as any to see what creative renditions of songs I’d been missing out on. Videos from Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road to Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down aired and I was surprised at just how much I realized I missed music videos. They give an entirely new perspective to an artist/their song and have the ability to make both of the latter more memorable.

Next up on the music video playlist was Ari Lennox’s “Shea Butter Baby”. I had heard of her, loved her curls, would play Night Drive and Whipped Cream here and there but hadn’t really taken the time out to listen to any of her full-length albums or EP’s.

When I tell ya’ll I was smitten from the start of the video – it’s no joke. From the esthetics of the minimalist meets organic modern apartment, to the handsome male lead I was interested to see where this would go. Then sis got up to go over to the bar cart and brought back two whiskey tumblers and a decanter, slid the glasses across the table to old boy as if to say:

Throughout the video we’re able to dive into the mind of both characters since there is no verbal dialogue between them; Ari narrates her own thoughts while J. Cole presents the male leads perspective. This alternate universe perspective where Ari is slaying lives in a lacey white body suit paired with an “airy” kimono pant set while her male lead is shirtless and ripped – helps to reveal the energy and tension just below the surface. Time and time again I was taken aback by the producers ability to ensure viewers could easily make sense of the emotions that both characters brought to the table (literally and figuratively).

So what’s stopping you? Watch it and let me know if you got the bad b!tch energy from Ari like I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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