Top 5 Digital Indicators That Your Relationship is Getting Real

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The last post I shared was based on my Top 5 Indicators That Your Relationship is Getting Real. This post is a spin off of that idea with the consideration that technology has and will have an impact on how relationships start, are nurtured, maintained and even end. Here are my TOP 5 indicators to look out for!

#1 – You’re adding your significant other’s family and  friends on social media

After some time dating your significant other, going to family functions and meeting family and friends you might work up the nerve to add your boo’s family to your friends list (or finally accept the friend request that you’ve kept sitting in your notifications). This is definitely a sign that you both are moving forward in your relationship because you’re now including each other’s most important people in your respective social lives. Just make sure you clean up the photos of your drunken nights so they don’t give you a side-eye at the next family function.

#2 – You let your relationship status be known – online

There are degrees to letting people know you’re with your significant other

Level 1: Nonexistent

Level 2: Photo of a body part …on snapchat (i.e. hand, shoe, etc.)

Level 3: No face, no trace

Level 4: FB “in a relationship” status change

Level 5: IG post for MCM, WCW, etc.

Level 6: Putting relationship status in your social media bio

#3 – Texting throughout the day

You don’t have to know what your significant other is doing every second of the day but just checking in and making sure your love bug is good and sharing your thoughts, are the best sign of a healthy and prospering relationship.The ultimate goal is when you can send memes to one another with no introduction or context.

#4 – You can enjoy each other’s company – unaltered

In the age of everything digital would you be able to silently sit in a room with your significant other? No phones, computers, etc.? Even though when you daydream about just how amazing your love is, you need to consider that sometimes there won’t be anything to distract from that person you chose to be with. Take away that and what are you left with?


#5 – You can trust them with your passcode – and trust them not to use it

Almost every device nowadays has a lock screen that requires you to set a passcode. You might need to share this with your s/o just so they can do something small like change the music that’s playing. Or send a quick text while you’re driving. Would you feel comfortable sharing this? If you can trust them this is a good sign that you are confident you have nothing to hide. HOWEVER, just because they have the code does not give them the right to liberally use it where they see fit. 

Which indicator was surprising to you? Can you think of any signs that weren’t mentioned which you believe are important to consider? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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