When Brittne Babe Kicked My Ass (figuratively)

That awkward moment when I thought a 21-day workout challenge by Brittne Babe would be relatively “easy”.



For the last couple of weeks I’ve been about all things healthy. This comes from my yearning to no longer have to hold my stomach for pictures and knowing that my older self will thank me for it. With all of this #adulting stuff I’ve made some minor adjustments in my life:

  • Working out every other day and yoga on off days
  • Being more conscious of the ingredients in my food
  • Counting calories (I lasted a week – this led me to the next bullet point)
  • Eating smaller portion sizes (most times)
  • Putting together a smoothie with my Magic Bullet – usually a combination of strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple, kale, flaxseed and OJ smoothie
  • Taking a women’s multivitamin

Along with my healthy lifestyle kick of course Instagram advertisers have been tracking my search history and can antipate that I want to be exposed to more of the same healthy things…and that’s where they played me.

While scrolling through Instagram I came across a sponsored post that featured a FIT black woman who spoke about her $25 21-day challenge, cash prizes, and so much more. Initially I was intrigued because sis was body goals and her melanin resonated with me – however I didn’t think the workouts would be anything too crazy – after all she said her workouts were open to all levels of training. Since I had been using the gym regularly and I was eating healthier I figured it’d be a challenge but nothing I couldn’t handle. She looked gorgeous with a beat face, cute outfits and long nails that I adored – so of course it couldn’t be THAT bad. #LIES

Without taking a look at how long the first video of the series was as to not put too much thought into it – I pressed play because it would be over before I knew it – right? Wrong. When I tell you I was low key cursing at my iPad because BrItTne BaBe had me tired. After a workout she would give a 30 second break while previewing the next workout but time and time again I found myself still laying on my yoga mat 2 minutes after our break ended. THEN, I found out there was a round two and three – mind you I was done after round one.

I feel like I got my ass kicked (in the best way) and I can now go to sleep knowing I have 20 more days of challenging and endurance building workouts. I’m still on the floor writing from my yoga mat because I refuse to move – so please send all your telepathic love in hopes that I can find my way walking towards the shower next. I do have to give it up for the FIT queen because she looks flawless, makes a healthy lifestyle approachable for those without a gym or workout equipment, and is great at encouraging her followers as they work their ass off in hopes of achieving their body goals.

So how about you? Are you making any healthy changes in your life? Diet, working out, therapy, listening more and speaking less, or just spending time alone finding your peace? Share how your journey is going in the comments! Share and let me know some of the obstacles and/or if you underestimated how challenging a healthy lifestyle can be.

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