March4Ward Community Dinner Recap

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On March 4th, Blogging Blk Girl was invited to attend the second Annual March 4 Ward Community Dinner presented at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church by the Overcame Foundation, an organization with a vision to help the youth and young adults in underprivileged environments.

Two notable speakers at the event were Courtland Bragg and Cheldin Barlatt.

Courtland, a 25 y/o, Emmy Award Winning, New Jersey native and Producer with NFL Films, reminded us the importance of being able to:

Courtland delved into two main themes of how the journey of a thousand steps begins with he first one and finding your “why”.

As a West Chester University Alum many of his colleagues in his current role as Assistant Producer attended some of the most prestigious universities from across the country. However, only after recognition that his journey was his own, he came to the realization that his educational background wasn’t anything to be ashamed of when compared to his colleagues, but rather a testament that his tenacity and hunger for success would be the defining aspects to determine his future trajectory. 


When Courtland began to speak on finding your why he said, “When you reach your purpose that’s when you’re capable of making real, lasting change – because it’s bigger than you. Considering all the people who worked themselves to the bone if only to see you shine, you owe it to them.


“By knowing your “why” when adversity hits you can’t give up because it’s no longer about you. You realize that there are people looking up to you.”


He closed his presentation with the idea that the richest place in the world is the graveyard because there are so many forgotten dreams and aspirations spent and that with every second you’re given in every day you have to make the most out of what you have right now

The keynote speaker, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer , CEO and Executive Producer at i-g creative, the producers of This is it TV recalls that her favorite portion of the event was:

“Collaboration and community. It was wonderful to see all of the community members and leaders gathered to support such an amazing cause. Leonard Chester’s passion and dedication to his organization is contagious. His ability to gather his various connections in one location in order to support his on-going efforts is remarkable. He is an extremely impressive young professional.”


Cheldin’s keynote address tackled the major theme of how she goes about Marching4Ward in her daily life. She then went on to break it down into five sections:


1. Knowing who you are 

If you don’t know who you are someone else will tell you who they think you should be – and by that point they run the show and can determine your direction. She spoke on her knack for being an influence for her family and friends at an early age. After finding what came to her with ease she used them to propel her forward.  



2. Determine what you want

Armed with step one, now you need to identify what you want to achieve with the gifts you were given. If you are not prepared to have these real conversations with yourself about what your end goals are you won’t obtain them. What you want is usually not the same thing that your peers, family or friends even wants for you so you have to go define these for yourself. Identify what you want to achieve with the gifts you were given.


3. Believe you deserve it

If you don’t believe it first no one else will believe it either. Whether it’s in regard to payment, a movie you have the ability to write, the job that you believe you’re qualified for, or even the love you think you deserve – these opportunity’s are rarely ever freely given. More times than not you have to believe you are deserving of the compensation for other’s to realize your value. People don’t wake up in the morning and think of ways to help you but rather that is your responsibility to yourself.


4. Find your voice – SCREAM YOUR DREAM

Cheldin’s favorite tagline “Scream your dream” was a phrase that caught on with the March4Ward Crowd. The idea behind this phrase is that to begin determining how you will scream your dream and let the world know what you want and deserve you have to be able to admit it to yourself and others out loud. Once you’re capable of speaking it into existence you can move forward in executing how you will obtain your goal.




5. March4Ward

Marching4Ward encompasses the need to reach back and bring people along with you as you thrive and experience successes. If you have, share. If you know, teach. In order to truly succeed and prosper you must be willing to enable others with the same tools of success that it took you to get to where you are. By letting other’s see you as an example you’re spreading the wealth.

A special thanks to additional event sponsors and speakers:

As community members were ushered into the reception area to begin enjoying the tasteful meal provided by Fresh Grocer, the crowd was entertained with the artistic works of a dance team by the name of Shay Sierra Squad and a spoken word performance by Khadijah Fofana.

Our conversation on credit was led by Heaven Thomas, CEO and Finance Coach for Heaven Solutions where attendees discussed money management, being first time homeowners, and the necessity to learn what credit is and how it can have a major influence on your future.

Learn more about the Overcame Foundation , how you can get involved, and their upcoming events. A special thanks to Overcame Foundation Founder Leonard Nobuaki Chester for inviting Blogging Blk Girl to the event and for being such a great host.

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