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This weeks #BlkChat Topic is NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. We always consider the person we want to become and the fully realized version of ourselves but what will we let go of going into the new year? Are you carrying around any emotional or spiritual baggage that may be hindering you for that “best life” version you can see for yourself? Maybe it’s a spending habit, procrastination, anger or seeing projects through to the end. Whatever it may be for you, it’s time to let it go. You deserve to live your best life.


I need to let go of an anger that has distanced me from someone I want to love. I won’t go into great detail but someone I cared for did me dirty and afterwards the conversation addressing the incident was never held. It’s been years now and I’m not even sure if I want to have the conversation. At this point I don’t know if it could help to resolve the pain, conflicting emotions, or confusion that has sprout. I’ve run through what that confrontation would  be like hundreds of times and the outcome always gets fuzzy.

This is something I think about on a daily basis. The type of thing that makes you unfairly question everyone’s intentions. Can anyone relate?

I don’t know exactly where to begin in the healing process but I do know I have to at least try. Too much of my time and energy has gone towards this baggage and I’m bout tired of thinking about it so much. I know it definitely won’t be quick, easy or any of those other adjectives that I wish could apply but I will make a sincere and genuine effort.

So what about YOU? Share something you want to let go of going into 2018. Be as honest or vauge as you choose – so long as you’re being authentic.

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