24 Timeless New Year Resolutions

The New Year brings a rousing energy, encouraging you to make better choices and to live your best life. It’s a perfect time to focus on that “better self” that you have always aimed for.

After reflection, conversation, and consideration I’ve gathered 23 simple and timeless New Year resolutions that are lifestyle, personality, and real-life friendly. Since these resolutions are timeless, they’re good for now and will still be relevant at the halfway point of 2018.

  1. Shoot your shot all 2018.
  2. Do more kegels.
  3. Commit to reading one line from a book before going to bed – and then maybe you’ll go onto another, and another, and….
  4. Care for a plant in your living space.
  5. Invest in a quality toothbrush.
  6. Simplify your closet and find your staple wardrobe.
  7. Start a savings account.
  8. Invest in a stock…bitcoin and marijuana are very popular.
  9. Trim your ends – new year, healthy hair.
  10. Get your own business cards.
  11. Start planning that trip you’ve always wanted to take.
  12. Buy new, comfortable and complementary under garments.
  13. Drink more water – according to USGS Water Science School up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
  14. Lotion your body daily.
  15. Stretch after waking up – get the blood pumping to ensure all engines are go before your day begins
  16. Get to know a person that inspires you better and authentically – something about this makes you feel more alive and more authentic in your own right.
  17. Hold doors more often – the kind act will have a ripple effect
  18. Look up at the sky more often – appreciate that you’re made up of stardust.
  19. Look down at your body – be grateful.
  20. Learn a new and simple staple recipe.
  21. Take more photos of yourself and “make it look sexy”.
  22. Write in a journal at least once a month for a recap.
  23. Start an accountability group to reach goals.
  24. Focus on 30 mins of self-love at the beginning and end of your day.

A New Year is a new chapter in your best selling autobiography. You get to write anything you want in it. Fill the first page of the chapter with your New Year’s resolutions. Which resolution will you tackle in 2018? Leave your response in the comments and let’s chat.

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