Being Natural & In Love

In my overall relationship experience, I believe that a person should love you for who you are, inside and out. Now from a Naturalista’s POV this means I need a partner who not only recognizes my worth and effort but also acknowledges that our experience won’t always be like those you see in the movies. My 2-25 Randoms Perch-7partner won’t be able to run their hands through my hair freely due to its kinky, curly texture. I won’t be able to go to sleep without going through the process of putting my hair  in puffs to stretch it or, wrapping it in a bonnet for protection, or whatever else my hair may need at the moment. My hair just doesn’t work like every other woman in the media and I’m ok with that. The harder part is finding someone who is willing to understand, and acknowledge this fact. It is important that while on your natural hair journey, if you happen to fall head over heels for someone, be sure that they are willing to accept, nurture and love your natural hair as much as they love you. It is a longer process than other hair types and textures but does not deserve any less love and respect. Make sure they’re in love with every aspect of you from your toes to those few split ends.

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