Wrap N Sip Recap

On Sunday February 11th Blogging Blk Girl was invited to attend the fourth Philly exclusive, highly anticipated Wrap N Sip event.  With the guest list capping at 40, it was a full house of attendees all coming to learn different techniques to wrap their crown.

Almost a year ago, Wrap N Sip creator, founder and host, Helen Defersha, began to conceive the idea behind the classes. Following an experience she had traveling when she didn’t have the means to get her hair done she told guests

“After paying for the trip I didn’t have anything left to get my hair done. So during the trip I started wearing the scarfs in different styles and everyone was asking me how I was able to create such beautiful designs with the fabric.”

Instead of going the route of creating a YouTube channel, Helen particularly liked the idea of a more intimate setting, that would be able to provide hands-on education. Thus, Wrap & Sip was born in June of 2017. After having hosted the event multiple times throughout the past year Helen’s favorite aspect is still

Watching [attendees] expressions as they learn different methods. It’s always a good vibe and energy and I love that.”

Wrap N Sip’s fourth installment welcomed in guests at 3pm and the event ran until 6pm. The first hour guests hand a chance to mingle, enjoy refreshments, and relax. The event staff all styled their scarf’s with unique looks from bows, headbands, top-knots, and more to demonstrate the versatility of the fabrics if you just use your imagination. The fabrics were imported directly from West Africa’s Ivory Coast provided by C’est bon Jewelry. Additional vendors welcomed to the event were:

HD Artz by Howie // The Jewelry Drop by Elle

Before the wrapping demonstrations began Helen provided a brief HERstory explaining the past of how scarves and headdresses came to be. From its regal ties to Sub-Saharan Africa to the sign of status and rebellion during the slave-trade, Helen’s goal was to start a conversation on being given an ounce of freedom while still being oppressed in many spaces.

Helen began her wrapping demonstrations by giving words of wisdom on how helpful it can be for those transitioning into natural hair and the importance of utilizing a silk scarf, bonnet or head cap underneath the fabric.

She then unwrapped her three scarfs revealing two french braids and a stocking cap at the base. Attendee’s gasped in amazement that under all the beauty and color of the fabrics, they could relate to the lax style that lay under it all. She went into detailed descriptions in front of the room, while providing hands-on feedback for those who needed help after each style was complete. From a top-knot bun, mini buns, incorporating multiple scarfs to add color, bows and more – everyone ended up with a style that was for them.

The next section of the program, led by Angela Banks, the woman behind C’est Bon Jewelry, was entitled “Unconventional Wrap”. In this segment Angela demonstrates how clothing items can be used to wrap your hair. In this particular demo attendee’s saw how multi-dimensional a thin black cardigan could be, with the addition of a small piece of fabric.

The event also included raffles that attendees received a ticket for upon entry and could purchase additional tickets for $1.The 6 raffle options ranged from:

A $50 gas card (the crowd favorite)

2 Black Panther movie tickets on February 18th

Black Food and Dessert Expo tickets provided by Aneesah Smith to be held on April 21st

Necklace and earring set by Leah M. Booker

Catered Valentine’s day in-house dinner provided by Honey Hill Catering

Waist beads provided by @BeautiffullyCreated  with on site waist measurement for custom orders

As for the future of Wrap N Sip, Helen is working on getting the classes into hospitals that specialize in cancer, lupus, alopecia, or any hospital or medical center that works with women who have lost their hair due to medical reasons in hopes of teaching them the beauty and versatility of head wraps.

Thank you to all of those who came out, bought from black owned vendors and learned some new concepts and ideas for styling their crown.

Would you attend a Wrap N Sip? Want more event deets? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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