Bottled Water Brands Are Segregated

Photo Cred: tonedchick (Tumblr)


The other day a friend of mine approached me and said, “You’re bougie with water bottles.” I initially took this as an offense and retorted with an explanatory remark as to how I believe better quality water bottles offer different flavors and mineral benefits. Only later did I start to think of the comment as a compliment. I know and realize that qualities of water bottles are separate but not equal. I took it as, “You value the quality of your water rather than drinking any and every bottle that comes my way and that’s admirable. Only if your water bottle taste could be applied to the majority of peoples sex lives in college.” (maybe that was a little off topic) BUT all in all the message to remember is that there’s nothing wrong with choosing a quality water bottle/filtering system. Be a bit bougie!



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