Natural Hair & Natural Love: My Journey

I started my “natural hair journey” in June of 2013 after graduating high school and realizing that the straight could be achieved from my neighborhood Dominican Hair Salon was breaking off the middle section of my hair. Even after 3 years of getting my hair straightened and having braids occasionally I hadn’t learned how to really take care of own hair and I wanted it to be less maintenance due to the hectic life that I knew college would present to me. So why not go natural? I thought it would be a fairly simple process.

JK, I played myself.

It was not easy at all. When entering into college I had so much to learn/do that I couldn’t find the time to do my hair as much as I would’ve hoped. It was quite a learning experience, in that I had to determine my staple products, think days in advance to make sure my hairstyles would complement events that I would attend and so much more.

Now being in my third summer being natural, I realized that the journey that I’ve been on has had a bigger impact than I ever could have known. I am learning how to love me. Every curl and kink in my head needs to be attended to and taken care of and I am now, more than ever, willing to dedicate the necessary time and effort to each lock to ensure it comes out looking loved. My hair has taught me that love is not always an easy journey but is damn sure worth it in the end. I love my hair and I love the many textures and complexities that it holds. I am in the process of learning self-love and that is in major part due to letting my hair grow naturally.

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  1. Before you do anything, you need to decide if you want to big chop or transition to natural hair. If you are already experiencing breakage, don t brush your hair. If you are not hydrating or moisturizing your hair while in braids or weave, that can explain the dryness you are experiencing. I would love it for you to join the community newsletter for more information that can help you along your natural hair journey.

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